The Lab

The DEEP Lab (DEvelopmental and Evolutionary Psychology) is based in the Psychology Department of the University of New Mexico. Deep in the basement of Logan Hall, the lab fosters deep thinking on human behavior and development from an evolutionary perspective.

At the DEEP Lab we work on both theoretical and empirical projects with a variety of methods, from surveys to hormone assays (in collaboration with UNM’s Hominoid Reproductive Ecology Laboratory). We welcome visiting students and scholars across disciplines, and look forward to new, exciting collaborations with other research groups.

Current lab members

Tessa Cappelle

Graduate student
Tessa was born in Hanover, Germany and completed her MS in Biology at the University of Göttingen. Her research interests include morality, personality and individual differences.

Marley Russell

Graduate student
Marley is from Toronto, Ontario. She completed her undergraduate degree at McMaster University and is interested in evolutionary psychopathology, morality and sexuality.

Ruth Sarafin

Graduate student
Ruth’s research interests include risk taking and hormone-behavior relations. In her free time she enjoys running, watching Dr Who, and hanging out with her ginormous cat, Phoenix.

Past/visiting members

Victor Shiramizu

Visiting student (UFRN, Brazil)
Research interests: endocrinology, sexuality, stress, romantic attachment.

Susanne Sangenstedt

Visiting student (University of Münster, Germany)
Research interests: animal personality, early influences on behavioral development.